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Heat Transfer Printing At Blazing Visuals In Point Pleasant


If you want some of the most reliable, professional and satisfying results for transferring an image onto printable materials, heat transfer printing is the right choice.  Whether you want to produce one t-shirt or mug or 10,000, heat transfer printing delivers crisp, long lasting images.  At Blazing Visuals, we use the latest heat transfer technology, so you get the high quality you want.  Our highly skilled technicians get it right every time.  You’ll end up with a heat-transferred t-shirt or other item you will be proud of.  It’s a great way to promote your business, special event, school or university, sports team, wedding, celebration or non-profit!

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  • High Quality, Long Lasting Heat Transfer Printing For The Jersey Shore

    If you own a business in Point Pleasant, Manasquan or The Jersey Shore, you can trust Blazing Visuals with your Heat Transfer Printing project.  

    It’s important to note that Heat Transfers are not the same as Iron-Ons.  Iron-Ons are usually done at home, and do not offer the high quality or lasting durability that professional Heat Transfer Printing does. Heat Transfer Printing is also referred to as thermal printing.

    Transferring the print to the material using heat allows you to put a high quality, crisp image on a t-shirt or other materials.  It will be long lasting and durable. The  process has become increasingly popular, because it’s great for small orders and is much more cost effective than silkscreen printing.  Heat transfer printing works very well for adding or customizing prints on fabrics such as athletic uniform numbers. Because these prints are very durable, they work well when the printed object is exposed to the elements. Heat transfer printing is a much better long-term solution than using direct thermal printing, which is known to wear out.

    Here’s another great thing about Heat Transfer Printing for t-shirts and other items.  Because you don’t have to order vast quantities at one time and then warehouse them, it’s easy to order your stock at your need it.  This is great for t-shirts for special events, races, fundraisers and team competitions. If you need more, order them.  It’s easy and affordable.

    Puffs, Glitters, Metallics And More

    Heat Transfer Printing also lets you include additional decorative elements to your t-shirts. You can use foils, metallic, glitters, flocking, puff inks and three-dimensional elements to your graphic design.  Your design can even glow in the dark!  There are endless possibilities when you use using this from Blazing Visuals.

    More Than Just T-Shirts

    Heat Transfer Printing gives you a lot more options, because there are so many garments that can’t be screen printed.  At Blazing Visuals, we can heat transfer print onto items of 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/polyester blends, mesh, moisture wicking shirts, spandex, canvas and more.  It can be printed on caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, mouse pads, tote bags, jigsaw puzzles, wood, metals, paper memo cubes and other miscellaneous fabrics and materials.

    If you are looking for small quantity, high quality Heat Transfer Printing, talk to the experts at Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant today. You can count on us for great prices, on-time delivery and Heat Transfer T-Shirts you’ll be proud to distribute or sell!