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Reflective Signs

Reflective Aluminum Signs
Shed Light On Your Home Or Business With Reflective Signs


There are three “grades” of Reflective Signs Available:


  • Engineer Grade: This is the most common material used for reflective signs last 7-10 years.


  • High Intensity: This is most commonly used for enhanced visibility, especially when seen from an angle.  They last 10 years or more


  • Diamond Grade: Reflective Signs made with Diamond Grade offer the best daytime and nighttime visibility and will last 12 years or longer.


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  • Blazing Visuals Reflective Signs Really Stand Out

    If you want a sign to really stand out no matter what time of day, Reflective Signs are a great solution.  At Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant NJ, we have a wide variety of Standard Reflective Metal Signs, and we can create Custom Reflective Signs, as well.  Many municipal and state traffic and safety signs are now required to be reflective.  The signage experts at Blazing Visuals have a lot of experience working with regulatory agencies in New Jersey, so we can provide information and guidance.

    Reflective Signs can be tiny or up to 72” across and visible up to 400 feet.  Whatever size you need, we can create a well designed, durable sign that will stand up to the elements.

    Reflective Signs are available in Single and Double-Sided Print for maximum visibility and reach.  They are available as Yard Signs, Reflective Magnetic Signs, Reflective Decals and Stickers and more. They can be used indoors and outdoors and stand up to all kinds of weather conditions.  They’re waterproof, abrasion resistant and last for years.  What a great (and affordable!) investment for your business!

    Reflective Signs are made from aluminum, one of the most versatile and durable signage materials available.  They deliver a professional appearance that’s ideal for use indoor or outdoors.  The reflective property allows for additional visibility in the dark when light shines on the surface of the sign.  Reflective Signs are made with two sheets of .008 inch aluminum joined by a polyethylene core.  Your design is printed on a special reflective vinyl overlay which is adhered to the surface of the aluminum.  The overlay is composed of a glass bead layer which allows for reflectivity but doesn’t distort or blur your design.  It’s attached with a high adhesive backing, so you don’t have to worry about it separating from the aluminum.

    Request Design Services Or Provide Your Own Design

    At Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant, NJ, we can create the ideal Reflective Sign for your home, office, church, school, park, restaurant, store or property.  You can provide us with artwork, or share your ideas and our design experts can design your signs for you.

    Do you want a Reflective Sign for your parking lot?  Maybe you need to provide signage along a trail or recreation area?  Do you need reflective signage on your loading dock  or marina?  Come talk to the signage experts at Blazing Visuals and we can help you determine the signage, messages and best placement.  We can provide you with everything you need to install your Reflective Signage yourself, or we’ll happily do it for you.  We’re here to help you any way we can.