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Gemini Letters, Logos & Plaques

Letters, Logos & Plaques
Let Blazing Visuals Create the Letters, Logos and Plaques You Need


When you work with Blazing Visuals, you’ll get quality every step of the way.  From the materials and craftsmanship that go into our products, to our attentive customer service and attention to details and deadlines, we’re committed to your satisfaction.  We only use the highest quality plastic and metal dimensional sign letters.  These include:


  • Injection molded plastic letters
  • Formed plastic letters
  • Cut acrylic letters
  • Flat cut and cast metal letters in aluminum, bronze, copper, hot rolled steel, stainless steel and baked enamel
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  • Gemini Letters, Logos & Plaques

    We create every kind of signage and accessory to promote your place of business, event or special occasion and that includes Logos & Plaques.  Whether you need simple and elegant metal letters to display your company name in your foyer, playful plastic letters in your daycare center, a metal logo for the front door of your business, or even a plaque to honor outstanding volunteers or employees of your organization, we have the perfect solution.

    Letters and numbers (and logos, too!) can be created in any size, small or large. You can also choose any font, or even create a custom font.  Whether you choose whimsical, bold, elegant, dynamic, Western, contemporary, script, block letters, classic, playful or even letters in languages other than English, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you want, on time and on budget.  And our letters, numbers, logos and plaques are more affordable than you may think!

    Formed Plastic Sign Letters

    Dimensional Formed Plastic Sign Letters can be a great solution for your signage needs.  At Blazing Visuals, we have the greatest array of beautiful, functional dimensional plastic letters on the market.  Our high quality Sign Letters are molded with round, flat, prismatic, beveled and sculpted typefaces, with each reflecting light in its own unique fashion.  There are 40 standard colors, or we can create custom colors to match your branding standards.  They are made from the finest non-oil based plastic materials and are guaranteed not to chip crack or fade.  Plus, you get a lifetime guarantee!

    We Can Handle All Installations!

    Whether you’re looking for plastic or metal letters, logos or even plaques, Blazing Visuals can help you with installation.  You’ll get the signage you want, installed perfectly—and no hassles or headaches!

    Distinctive Cast Metal Plaques From Blazing Visuals In NJ

    Do you want to recognize an individual, dedicate a building, honor volunteers or employees, or provide a historic marker?  Metal and Cast Metal Plaques from Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant NJ are the perfect solution.  We can help you create a stunning plaque in just a few days.  You can provide us with the design, or our professional designers can help create the perfect look for your plaque.

    Our Cast Metal Plaques are available in bronze, brass or aluminum and in satin or polished finishes.  Our Etched Metal Plaques are available in stainless steel, bronze, brass or copper.
    Blazing Visuals For All Of Your Signage Needs

    No matter what kind of signage you need for your business, home, event or special occasion, Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant NJ and The Jersey Shore is your go-to resource! Let our team of sales design and installation specialists help you create the right signage today!