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Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs Capture The Attention Of Customers All Over The Jersey Shore
Blazing Visuals Is The Best Source For Channel Letter Signs in N.J.


Do you want to capture the attention of potential customers?  Do you want your boutique, store, restaurant, office building or school to stand out, day or night?  Channel letter signs create a great first and lasting impression.


What You Should Know About Channel Letter Signs


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Illuminated at night for greater visibility
  • Easily mounted directly to a building’s fascia
  • Create with words, logos or designs
  • Raceway or flush mounted
  • Choose LED or Neon lighting
  • Colors can be matched to your brand
  • Low maintenance


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  • Components of Channel Letter Signs

    The letters on the signs are made of metal bases that are shaped like a letter.  They have an acrylic face that is typical translucent and colored.  The electrical and lighting elements are housed inside so the letter can be mounted directly to the fascia of the building.  You can also include a logo along with the letters to help boost brand awareness.

    Reverse Channel Letters

    Have you seen a sign where there seems to be a glow or halo effect on the building itself?  That’s called Reverse Channel Letters.  The light is distributed from the back of the letters.  It delivers a prestigious appearance.

    Front Lit Channel Letters

    For an eye popping glow, you’ll want to choose Front Lit Channel letters.  They are illuminated from the front of a sign.  You often see these used at outdoor plazas, churches and shopping malls.

    Cost Effective Channel Letter Signs to Advertise Your Business

    Do you want to motivate customers to visit your place of business?  That’s the beauty of Channel Letter Signs.  When placed at a reasonable distance, they can be inviting to consumers as they drive or walk by.  Unlike radio and TV, an effective on-premise sign can advertise your brand through repeat impressions—and at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

    Remember, exterior signs and logos do more than just communicate a message.  They can communicate your brand.  Channel Letter Signs can be customized by color, size, font, mount, fabrication, illumination, lighting direction and more, so they are a perfect reflection of your brand and business.

    Channel Letter Signs are Eco Friendly And Energy Efficient

    Here’s another great thing about using Channel Letter Signs for your place of business.  If you use LED lighting, it’s very eco-friendly.  LED illuminated signs use lower voltage transformers and have a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours!  They consume less power and because of their lack of mercury and lead, they’re considered “green.”  By using LED and being eco-friendly, it can also make it easier to get a building permit.

    The Channel Light experts at Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant NJ can design, create and install the perfect Channel Light solution for your business.  We can bring your designs to life, as well.  You can trust us to deliver a high quality product on time and on budget.