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Custom Window Graphics
Looking for a great way to capture the attention of potential customers?  Here’s a bright idea from Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant, NJ.  Install vibrant window graphics at your boutique, restaurant, office, corporate headquarters, fitness facility, school or store.  Window graphics are an effective and affordable way to promote your products, services, logo, phone number and messaging.  You can transform any window into an attractive advertising space.  And there are so many different kinds of Window Graphics!


  • Clear Window Decals
  • Die-Cut Decals
  • Etched Glass Decals
  • Perforated Vinyl
  • Personalized Window Decals
  • Resizable Decals
  • Static Window Clings
  • Store Window Lettering
  • Vinyl Window Decals
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  • Capture Attention With Window Graphics In Point Pleasant & Beyond
    Custom Window Graphics: Blazing Visuals Delivers At The Jersey Shore

    Custom window decals can be used in so many ways, and for so many industries.  They are ideal for retail stores, restaurants, commercial buildings, government buildings, service providers. laundromats, banks and more.

    You can customize your window decal any way you want it.  Add a logo, icon or other graphic.  Use your branding elements, like fonts and colors.  We use a state of the art printing technology that delivers crisp images, vibrant colors and easy-to-read lettering.  Our inks are also long lasting and offer UV stability.  You can make them as large or small as you like, from large impact graphics that cover an entire window, to smallers graphics and vinyl lettering.  They can be single or double-sided.  Because you have so many options, you can be as creative as you want to be!

    You can provide us with your artwork, or our graphic artist are happy to bring your vision to life!  It’s up to you.

    Custom window decals can be applied to literally any glass surface.  They are easy to apply, thanks to their adhesive backing, and can also be removed easily.  They can be installed in minutes, and will look great for years.

    They Don’t Count Toward Sign Footage Limits

    Most commercial areas or cities in NJ regulate the amount of signage that a business can have.  There are rules about where signage can be place, and if you exceed the limit, you can be fined.  However, windows are generally unregulated.  This allows you to use Window Graphics to expand your advertising space.  You can also advertising special events, sales and pricing without violating local regulations.

    Blazing Visuals offers four different kinds of materials available for Window Graphics:  vinyl, perforated vinyl, clear static cling and white static cling.

    Window Cling

    This is one of the most inexpensive options for short or long term Window Graphics.  They easily apply to glass, windows and other smooth surfaces without adhesive.  Plus, when you’re ready for a change, they can easily be peeled off.  You can choose clear for images that are translucent and see-through, or choose solid white if you want your images and lettering to pop.

    View Through Vinyl

    View Through Vinyl is perforated with tiny 15 mm holes.  It’s created in a 70/30 pattern, which means 30% of the vinyl has been removed, leaving 70% behind.  View Through Vinyl creates an illusion of almost a solid print on the outside of a window.Customers can see your images, but you can see out from the inside, as well.  It resembles a slightly tinted window.

    View Through Vinyl can add impact to any window.  You can display logos, photos, text, icons and any kind of important information.  It can be made in:

    • Any shape
    • Any size
    • Any color
    • Any finish
    • And color
    • Any quantity

    View Through Vinyl is installed on the outside of your window with adhesive backing.  It is long lasting and durable. Best of all, See Through Vinyl graphics increase shade and privacy for those on the inside, and you might even experience some savings on your electric bill!

    Talk to an expert at Blazing Visuals to discover all of the Window Graphic options available.  We are here to help!