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Screen Printing for T-Shirts In Point Plesant


Screen printing is the process of applying water-based or plastic-based ink to a cotton t-shirt. It’s the gold standard for superior quality in printing t-shirts and apparel.  In fact, the vast majority of t-shirts sold in retail stores are screen printed or “silk screened.”  The printing process makes images bold in appearance, while keeping costs down.


Businesses, nonprofits, restaurants, event planners and sponsors use t-shirts to promote their services, events, awards and new products.  They are a great, affordable way to get the word out.  The person wearing your t-shirt becomes a walking billboard for you!  However, you want to make sure your custom screened t-shirt is of the highest quality, and that’s where Blazing Visuals really delivers.

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  • High-Quality Screen Printed T-Shirts

    There’s nothing worse than getting a t-shirt from a vendor, non-profit, business, restaurant, special event or wedding and having it fade or fall apart in no time.  When you do business with Blazing Visuals t-shirt printer in Point Pleasant New Jersey, your custom screened promotional t-shirt will retain its size, shape and vibrant colors.  

    Many Choices of T-Shirts

    At Blazing Visuals, we’re not just a t-shirt printer. We carry a wide range of high quality t-shirts from manufacturers like Hanes, Bella, Canvas, Fruit of the Loom, American Apparel and more.  Every line of clothing offers different sizes, thickness and color options, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs exactly.  

    When you pick out a t-shirt to carry your logo, brand event name or message, you need it to fit your budget, as well as the level of quality you desire.  For example, if you’re hosting an outdoor event in the summer, you probably don’t want a thick cotton t-shirt.  A lighter weight cotton t-shirt makes more sense.  And because we carry t-shirts from quality vendors, even a lower cost t-shirt will last for hundreds of washes without fading or stretching.  The inks we use at Blazing Visuals are guaranteed not to fade!  If you’re not sure which t-shirt is the right one for your event, convention, tournament or product launch, talk to one of the experts at Blazing Visuals. Our customers in Manasquan, Point Pleasant and the Jersey Shore trust us to help them create the right promotional item at the right price.

    New Technology, Better Results

    Screen printing has improved over the past few years, thanks to better specialty presses and high mesh count screen.  However, it’s important to select the right garment for your screened design. Ribbed garments, canvas aprons and bags, burnout tees and pique polos do not work well with fine detailed designs. A t-shirt printer should knows this.  They are not smooth like standard t-shirts. Likewise, t-shirts that are certain colors don’t work well with inks in screened printing processes.  Kelly Green, Royal Blues, Red, Lapis, Cobalt, Purple, Forest, Teal and Turquoise only work well with lighter color inks like white and yellow.  

    Your Design Or Ours?

    At Blazing Visuals, we’re happy to screen print your design on t-shirts for your customers, donors, event attendees, students, team members or potential clients.  However, our team of graphic design experts is also happy to create your custom artwork for you, bringing your ideas to life!  

    You can trust Blazing Visuals to help you find the right t-shirt at the right cost to fit your needs.  We’re your one-stop printing shop!