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Carved and Sandblasted Signs

Carved And Sandblasted Signs
Professional, Creative, Long Lasting Carved And Sandblasted Signs


If you’re looking for a unique, long lasting natural way to draw attention to your place of business, church, school or home, there’s no better solution than carved and sandblasted signs.  At Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant NJ, we love to help people create the perfect natural, classic carved or sandblasted sign.  Bring us your ideas and we can bring them to life! We’ll help you design the perfect sign, and then manufacture it and install it according to your needs.


Easy to Customize


One of the great things about carved and sandblasted signs is how versatile they are.

  • Made in any size
  • Large variety of finishes and materials
  • Long lasting, durable and reliable
  • Entrance sign, building sign, store front – indoors or out
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  • Custom Outdoor Carved and Sandblasted Signs in Point Pleasant

    It’s easy to make your business stand out from the competition.  Just create a custom or standard Carved Sign for your place of business.

    There are several kinds of Carved Signs:  Carved PVC or Carved HDU (High Density Urethane).

    Carved PVC Signs have a unique smooth surface with edges that remain sharp and well defined.  You get a 3D look that captures the attention of potential customers.  Best of all, they are very durable, rarely need maintenance and will last a long time.  They’re a great investment for offices, boutiques, veterinary offices, healthcare facilities, churches, restaurants and more.

    Carved HDU Signs also have a very smooth surface.  However, they can be either carved or sandblasted.  It’s easy to achieve 3D effects with high gloss enamels and carved words or images.  These, too, are great investments as they last a long time without need of maintenance.

    Sandblasted Signs

    Sandblasted signs are the elite among dimensional signage.   They are made from either genuine cedar or High Density Urethane (HDU) and deliver beautiful dimensionality.  So what are the benefits of using Sandblast Signs in Point Pleasant and The Jersey Shore?   Actually, there are many.

    • Because you are sandblasting a material to create the sign, there’s a handcrafted quality to it
    • You can also achieve a variety of finishes, as well, from sophisticated to rustic
    • When you light your dimensional sign, it adds drama to your storefront, office building, church, restaurant or recreational facility. Combine the lights with custom landscaping, and the effect can be even more dramatic, picturesque and memorable.
    • You can choose from a wide array of gorgeous paints, stains and finishes

    Cedar or HCU?

    Cedar is a time-tested finish that has always been popular.  However, now many customers are choosing HDU because it looks like timber without having any of the downsides.  Unlike wood it won’t break or swell, and it can’t be damaged by bugs.  It’s also approved for meeting USGBC in addition to ICC 700-2008 Green building requirements.  You get LEED certification that is substance qualified.

    Are Sandblasted Signs Right For Your NJ Business?

    Service providers and retailers really love Sandblasted Signs, as do homebuilders, developers and golf course designers. And sandblasting isn’t just for outdoor usage anymore. We’re seeing it incorporated into interior design, as well. Because Sandblasted Signs are so versatile, long lasting and often eco-friendly, they are a great solution and worth exploring.