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Canvas Prints

Re-Create Your Memories With Canvas Prints
Local Expertise, Quality Control For Your Treasured Point Pleasant Memories


Canvas prints have become very popular in recent years, and for good reasons!  Not only do they have a professional, elegant look, they also last much longer than other types of prints!  At Blazing Visuals near the Jersey Shore, we love helping our valued customers preserve precious memories and favorite images on canvas.  And while there are many canvas-printing resources, we always recommend that you work with a local vendor like Blazing Visuals, where you can be sure the quality and ultimate outcome is exactly what you want.


All you have to do is supply Blazing Visuals with a digital photo file or scan of the image you want to feature on canvas. Then, we can produce your canvas in a variety of ways.


  • It can be left on a roll
  • Stretch and then placed into an accent frame
  • Stretched over a stretcher frame like a painter’s canvas

It can be printed as small as a three inch by 4” canvas, and up to eight feet wide and as long/high as you need!  Your choices are endless.

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  • Canvas prints are an easy and affordable way to re-create the memories you wish to share.

    With Canvas Prints You Can:

    • Create a family heirloom, using images from the past or present day
    • Celebrate your favorite vacation spot or memory
    • Preserve your family portrait, school picture, graduation photo or wedding images
    • Create a memory of your family pet
    • Display Before and after images of your interior design work
    • Display product images in your place of business
    • Create a real estate gallery of the properties you’re selling or have sold
    • Honor your founder, Board members or award recipients
    • Remember a loved one
    • Display a canvas photo at a retirement party, birthday party, engagement party, wedding, anniversary celebration or funeral
    • Present your photographs in an art gallery, restaurant or boutique

    What Makes Canvas a Great Choice

    Canvas prints are much more affordable that having a professional artist paint a portrait.  And they last much longer than other types of prints.  Posters and foam core prints don’t last nearly as long.  In fact, if you store or display your canvas out of direct sunlight, it can last for decades!  It’s a long-lasting medium that is resistant to the deterioration caused by exposure to harmful elements.

    Your canvas print has this kind of longevity because Blazing Visuals uses solvent-based UV inks.  They print an astonishing 1,400 dots per inch, which embeds itself into the canvas fibers.  Because the ink is solvent-based, it won’t run if it gets wet.  That means if you happen to get a little dirt (or pet saliva!), it can easily be cleaned with soap and water without damaging your image.

    Unlike traditional photos that appear as flat images on a wall, canvas prints really stand out.  The detail and professional quality of the image will capture the interest of any viewer, adding dimension to any photograph.  They almost appear three-dimensional!  When you add the perfect frame to your canvas, it almost comes alive.

    Here’s another benefit of canvas prints:  you can modify your photos or images in exactly the way you want them.  Want to turn a color image into a sepia tone?  Go for it.  What them in a blue tone, or in black and white?  No problem.  Want a blurry atmosphere?  Easy peasy.  You can do it yourself, or ask us to help.

    Your favorite photos doesn’t have to stay in your computer files any longer.  You can display them beautifully on canvas in your home, office, gallery, classroom or room with Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant NJ!