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Yard Signs

Custom Yard Signs Promote Your Message

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your company, products, services or events is with Custom Yard Signs from Blazing Visuals.  They are made of corrugated plastic that’s lightweight, portable and perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Created with fade-resistant printing, your Custom Yard Sign will stand up to all kinds of weather.  You can choose one-sided or two-sided Custom Yard signs, as well.  The signs are inserted into a stand that can be displayed anywhere.


Plus, there are five standard sizes from which to choose:


  • 12”X 18”
  • 18” X 27”
  • 24” X 36”
  • 6” X 24”
  • 18” X 24”


You can also order custom sizes for your Yard Signs, as well.

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    Custom Yard Signs From Blazing Visuals Drive Results

    A Custom Yard Sign turns a front lawn into a front-page ad for your company.  You can promote your brand, logo, products, services, tagline and more.  Your design team can provide the artwork, or the graphic designers at Blazing Visuals are happy to help bring your vision to reality.

    You can put your Custom Yard Sign up for an hour, a day, a week or indefinitely. As long as there is a porous surface (like dirt, sand, gravel), your Custom Yard Sign can be displayed.

    Yard Signs can be used for a wide variety of purposes:

    • Promote your Open House
    • Provide directions to an event, store, church, school or park
    • Direct drivers to special parking areas
    • Use to promote political candidates or voting locations


    What You Should Know About Yard Signs

    It’s important to think about the size and scale of your Yard Signs.  The size will determine how many words or images you can use in the design and how intricate it can be.  You want to keep the design and messaging simple, so it can be easily read from a distance.  As people drive or walk by, they shouldn’t have to squint to read your sign.

    You should also choose the location of your Custom Yard Sign carefully.  Ask yourself these questions:

    • What kind of environment will your sign be featured in? Will it be near a roadway near your business?  Right in front of your store?  Down the street from your Open House?
    • What is the immediate environment around the sign? What colors are there?  Are there colors you can use to help your sign stand out in that environment?
    • Where can you put your sign so the highest amount of traffic will see it?
    • Are there local regulations about yard signs in your area? (Blazing Visuals can help with this.  We are very familiar with local rules and regulations regarding the use of signage in NJ.)


    When designing your Yard Sign, you should keep your message simple, short and sweet.  Make sure your message is clear, concise and easy to understand.  Ideally, there should be fewer than 15 words on your sign.  You should also choose a typeface that is easy to read.  Sans serif or simple fonts work best.  It’s okay to use a graphic on your sign, but only one.  Too many graphics will make your sign confusing.  It’s also smart to choose contrasting colors that are bright.  And don’t use light colors like yellow for your type, unless it has a dark border around it.

    Blazing Graphics in Point Pleasant Can Help

    The experts at Blazing Visuals are always happy to help you determine which signs will work best for you.  Feel free to bring photos of the area you want to display your Yard Signs.  Bring us your logo, branding standards, ideas and marketing goals.  We can create the perfect signage to achieve your goals!