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Acrylic Signs

Durable, Sleek Acrylic Signs are Ideal for Personal, Corporate and Recreational Signs
Acrylic Signs Point Pleasant And The Jersey Shore


Signs are the most powerful and affordable means of advertising. And Acrylic Signs offer the most versatility! Acrylic plastic (plexiglas) is a very hard plastic that mimics glass. It can be made in clear, frosted or translucent or solid colored form. There are also specialty finishes available, like brushed silver or matte. Standard acrylic is glossy, which adds elegance and professionalism to any design.


Acrylic is:

● Durable
● Easy to Cut
● Easy to Engrave
● Tougher than Glass
● Stable
● Able to Retain Color
● Strong
● Available in Any Size or Shape
● Easy to Care For
● Great Indoors or Outdoors
● UV Stable
● Waterproof
● Heat and Cold Tolerant

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  • Acrylic Signs Are Versatile

    If you can imagine a sign, chances are it can be made in acrylic.  Acrylic signs can be easily produced in any size, thickness, shape, style, color and finish! And you can have as many or as few produced as you like.  There are no minimums or maximums.  You’re not limited by cookie cutter sizes or designs.  Acrylic signs are completely customizable.

    There are so many ways to customize your acrylic sign using a variety of design options.  Your sign could have backing in silver, gold or even a mirrored finish.  Any PMS color can be matched.  You can choose rounded corners or beveled edges.  Acrylic can be engraved, and you can cut holes or custom designs in your sign, as well.  There’s no limit to how creative you can be in designing your acrylic sign.

    You can also choose exactly the right size for your custom acrylic sign, however, some of our most popular sizes are:

    • 12″ x 18″
    • 18″ x 24″
    • 24″ x 24″
    • 24″ x 36″
    • 24″ x 48″
    • 36″ x 48″
    • 36″ x 72″
    • 48″ x 96″

    We Can Help With The Design

    The design experts at Blazing Visuals can bring your vision to life!  We can also provide you with different ideas and designs for your signage.  You’ll get to view a color sample of your sign design before production, so you’ll be sure it’s absolutely perfect.

    Acrylic Is Easy To Care For

    Whether your acrylic sign will be displayed on your storefront, on a shelf, by a cash register or in a shopping center, it’s super easy to care for.  Simply wash the surface periodically with a mild soap and water, and it will look great for years!  Don’t use steel wool or an abrasive cleaner though, because acrylic can scratch.

    Displaying Your Acrylic Sign is Easy

    At Blazing Visuals, we offer a wide variety of installation kits and accessories that will make it easy for you to mount your new sign to wood, metal, stucco, concrete or brick masonry.  We even carry a large assortment of scroll brackets for hanging your new custom sign.

    We can also drill holes anywhere on your sign to simplify the hanging process, and we have a selection of screw caps that will give your sign a finished, polished look.

    For small or lightweight signage, we can provide adhesive backing, or put pre-drilled holes in the corners for screw mounts.  We can drill the holes to any specification.

    We also carry a large assortment of standoffs for a contemporary, clean and corporate look.