Blazing Visuals: Custom Brochures Made Easy!


It’s something every business, organization, non profit and entrepreneur needs: a high quality brochure that helps potential clients and customers understand what you have to offer.


Brochures come in so many different sizes and configurations.  Whether you want a simple one fold brochure, a Z-fold, Bi-fold or custom configuration, Blazing Visuals has a wide variety of design templates that can bring your idea to life. You can choose from a huge assortment of paper stock, as well, from standard to cover stock, from glossy and matte to uncoated and recycled and everything in between.


Provide us with your custom design, or our skilled graphic artist can help design the perfect brochure for you!  

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  • Custom Brochures For Point Pleasant, Manasquan and The Jersey Shore

    A brochure is an organized, effective way to share information with your potential—and current—clients, customers, donors, team members and subscribers.  At Blazing Visuals, our easy-to-make brochures let you tell a complete story about your company and what it can do. You’ll get superb printing quality with custom options that you won’t find when you work with those online printing companies.  

    Plus, you can print as many as you want—from just a handful to thousands.

    When you order custom brochures from Blazing Visuals, you’ll be proud to distribute these to potential customers at tradeshows and meetings. Include them in your media kit, or display them in one of our handsome brochure holders on your countertop or desk. Or, you may want to mail them.  If so, it’s wise to choose a brochure size that fits a standard mailing envelope.  

    No two businesses are the same, and your brochure should uniquely reflect your company, its brand and personality.  While we do offer standard template, you can still create a custom brochure that showcases your company, nonprofit, organization or product in a one-of-a-kind fashion.

    Quick Tips For Creating A Great Brochure

    Some clients are overwhelmed at the idea of creating a brochure.  AT Blazing Visuals, we want to make it easy for you.  Here are some guidelines that can help.  We also invite you to give us a call or sit down with us. We can take the stress out of the process!

    Create Your Content

    You can’t start designing your brochure until you know what it’s going to say.  Often times, business owners know exactly what they want to say, but may not know the best way to say it.  Start by trying to write the content yourself.  Then talk to a professional copywriter or the team at Blazing Visuals about perfectly your story.

    You’ll want to provide information about your services and how they can help your target audience.

    • Organize your information from most to least important
    • Create a menu of services and options
    • Include your logo, website, phone number
    • Include your social media addresses
    • Use images to help tell your story
    • Include a strong, clear call to action

    Design Your Brochure

    You can design your brochure, or share your ideas with our graphic designers and let them design it for you.  Be sure to use high resolution digital photographs and graphic images.

    • Include your logo
    • Adhere to your brand standards
    • Don’t use more than three different fonts
    • Use the correct social media icons
    • Make sure the design is clean and uncluttered

    Not sure what kind of paper stock you want to use?  No worries?  Come to Blazing Visuals and we’ll show you all your choices and make recommendations for you, as well.

    Kinds of Folds

    There are lots of different brochure folding options, including:

    • Half-Fold (4 panels/4 pages)
    • Tri-Fold (3 panels/6 pages)
    • Z-Fold (3 panels/6 pages
    • Double Parallel Fold (4 panels/8 pages)
    • Right Angle Half Fold (4 panels/8 pages)
    • Accordion-Fold (4 panels/8 pages)
    • Gate-Fold (3 panels/6 pages)
    • Double Gate-Fold (4 pages/8 pages)