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Street Pole Banners Grab Attention
Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant NJ: Pole Banners For Your Business


Looking for a simple solution to drive traffic to your store, restaurant, church, entertainment complex or place of business?  Do you want something more professional that someone standing outside with a sign, or costume or doing a dance?  Outdoor flags are the answer!  High Quality Outdoor Flags help your company put its best foot forward.


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  • Concave Flags
  • Feather Flags
  • Teardrops Flags
  • Blade Flags
  • Giant Flag Pole
  • Triangle Flags
  • Rectangle Flags
  • Pinpoint Flags
  • Shark Fin Flags
  • Swooper Flags
  • Street Pole Banners
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  • Outdoor Flags and Street Pole Banners:  What’s Best For You?

    There are so many different shapes, sizes, styles and types of Ple Banners and Outdoor Flags that can draw attention to your place of business, special event, church, entertainment venue, restaurant, automobile dealership, school or outdoor festival.

    Pole Banners have become very popular in recent years.  Small start-up companies, entrepreneurs, large corporations and national brands use them at booths, conventions, festivals, conventions, corporate headquarters, store locations and more.  Because they move with the wind, they’re a great tool for capturing the attention of potential customers.

    They start at five feet tall up to almost 20 feet tall—and they’ll showcase your brand without taking up too much sidewalk space, window space, patio space or space in your entryway. The flags can also be hung from the ceiling of conventions, trade shows and large stores.  They come with convenient carrying cases and are easy to assemble and display.

    In addition, you can choose from a variety of stands, as well, including Cross Base stands, Spike Base stands or a Cross Stand with a Water Base. Spike Base stands are ideal for beaches, golf courses, gardens, courtyards or other areas with dirt, sand or soft ground coverings.  Cross Base stands and Cross stands with a Water Base are better for concrete, tile, asphalt or other hard surfaces.

    Use Your Employees The Right Way

    A lot of businesses give employees a sign and tell them to stand outside and try to get the attention of passers by.  What a waste of their valuable skills! You can get more attention by using a professionally made Pole Banner or Outdoor Flag from Blazing Visuals.  And since many flag designs sway in the wind, they are eye catching.  When you feature your advertising message and logo on these beautiful Outdoor Flags, they promote your brand in a positive, attractive way.

    Street Pole Banners

    In recent years, Street Pole Banners have become extremely popular.  You’ve seen them on street lamp posts, local city street poles and displayed at automobile dealerships.  They are ideal for seasonal decorations or to promote local events or special sales events.  Colleges and universities also use them to promote school spirit, announce special events or celebrate victories.  They are available in a wide variety of sizes, with necessary pole and brackets included with every purchase, so they can be mounted as soon as they arrive!

    High-Quality Outdoor Advertising With Flags from Blazing Visuals

    Want to maximize your advertising by using on-site Banner Flags?  The experts at Blazing Visuals can help you determine the right kinds and sizes of Outdoor Flags for your place of business.  Our design experts can help create the perfect graphic design and message to promote your brand and your message.  If you prefer, your personal design team can submit artwork to fit specifications as well.  Either way, you’ll get a high quality, vibrant, long-lasting Banner Flag that will work hard for you day in and day out.  AT Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant, NJ, we are your Outdoor Flag specialist!

    • They capture more attention from pedestrians and drivers than regular banners
    • They stand out and perform well in any weather, especially outdoor windy days
    • You’ll get vibrant, long lasting colors with dye sublimation printing
    • They’re available in dozens of different custom flag configurations
    • Choose single sided or double sided flags