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Direct Mail Flyers and Direct Mail Postcards From Blazing Visuals


Direct Mail can be a powerful marketing tool, but only if it’s done right.  That’s why it’s so important to select the right vendors for you direct mail campaign.  At Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant, NJ, we specialize in Custom Direct Mail Printing and Mailing Services.  We help clients large and small design and execute successful direct mail marketing campaigns.


Blazing Visuals can provide you with quality printing, creative services, custom lists, mailing services and data analytics. We are a premier printing and mailing services for clients in Point Pleasant, Manasquan and the Jersey Shore, successfully driving new business to our customers.  There’s no Direct Mail project that’s too big or too small.

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  • Direct Mail: Proven, Effective Marketing

    Direct Mail is an effective way to get your marketing materials into the hands of specific target markets.  You’re able to target customers who live in specific geographic areas, who just bought a new home, who have school-aged children, who are currently your customers or donors. However, your direct mail campaign is only as good as your contact list. At Blazing Visuals, we can provide you with a mailing list that will reach your target market where they live.  We’ll make sure your custom  flyer, brochure, catalog or postcard gets delivered to the right household at the right time.  The success of your Direct Mail campaign depends upon it.

    Our team of seasoned of experts can help bring your marketing ideas to life.  Our graphic designers can create your Custom Direct Mailer, or you can provide us with finished artwork. It’s up to you!  We’ll help you every step of the way, delivering create customer service, attention to detail, high quality printing and on-time delivery.

    It is so important that your campaign represents your product or service in the best way possible.  That’s why you should choose a respected vendor that uses the best printing technology and employs skilled printing technicians, like Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant.  

    Types Of Direct Mail

    There are many types of campaigns, and many ways it can help you achieve your marketing goals.

    Newsletters can help you keep in touch with current customers and supporters.  Brochures can tell your company story and promote your products and services.  Holiday cards can thank current customers for their business.  Personalized direct mailing can built relationships with your target market and make them feel more connected to you.  You can choose from:

    • Direct Mail postcards
    • Brochures in a wide variety of shapes and sizes
    • Custom envelopes with personalized letters or inserts
    • Custom flyers
    • Catalogs
    • Folding cards
    • Newsletters

    Direct Mail Services

    If you want to execute a successful direct mail campaign, it starts with having a targeted, up-to-date mailing list.  We combine our print solutions with industry-leading data, so you can take care of your direct mail needs in one place.  At Blazing Visuals, we can provide you with targeted mail lists, bulk mailing, personalized mailing and variable data.  Then, we can help you design the perfect custom direct mail piece or pieces-or you can provide us with your own artwork.  Then, leave it to Blazing Visuals to handle all mailing services, if you’d like.