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Gift Cards

Let Blazing Visuals Create Your Custom Plastic Gift Cards


Gift cards are one of the best ways to drive additional revenue to your restaurant, boutique, entertainment complex, grocery store or retail establishment.  Customers who love your business will love giving gift cards to friends, family, customers and potential clients.  They can give a gift card with confidence, knowing the recipient will enjoy your product or services and it will reflect well upon them.


Custom Gift cards help build your brand and company image, as well.  They are available as plastic cards with bar-codes, mag-strip encoding, scratch off bars and signature panels.  You can trust the quality of these state of the art gift card solutions from Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant NJ!

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    Custom Plastic Cards can serve a variety of purposes.  One of the most popular is the Gift card.  Gift cards play an indispensable role in today’s shopping experience.  It’s one of the fastest growing segments in the gift industry.  When you make gift cards available to your store, restaurant, entertainment venue or sports venue, you give your customers an easy choice when they need a gift.  It also guarantees that those who receive your card will patronize your place of business and potentially become repeat customers.

    Today’s custom plastic gift cards are printed with a barcode or magnetic strip on which you apply a dollar value.  You control the card’s value electronically, generating a renewable balance and creating opportunities for repeat shopping, increased customer loyalty cross selling and in-store promotions.  You can also benefit from potential impulse buying and upselling as customers will be inclined to apply the gift value toward higher priced merchandise.  These electronically controlled gift cards don’t provide cash refunds on the balance.  Whether your establishment is large or small, Custom Plastic Gift Cards make sense.

    • You can use your own print ready art.
    • Our designers are happy to create your design.
    • Standard thicknesses of .020″ and .030″
    • Standard size is 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″
    • Custom die cuts available
    • Full Color or Spot Color
    • Hole and slot punching for round or lanyard
    • Ask us about custom sizes and shapes
    • Standard writable finish for signatures
    • Ask about custom signature panels
    • Scratch-off overlay panels for PINs, promotions and contests

    Fundraising Cards Are Big Ideas

    Nonprofit groups love Plastic Fundraiser Cards.  They are an effective and reliable source of funding. Those who buy your Fundraising Card have further reason to shop local and benefit from the card by saving money every time they use it. Participating merchants get to promote their businesses for free and generate good will by being a sponsor of your organization’s fundraising effort.  Best of all, you’ll collect money with this easy and low-cost way to raise funds.

    Discount card and fundraising programs are a proven and easy-to-implement solution for your school, church and non-profit.

    Membership And ID Cards

    If you’re a health care provider, discount shopping club, private club, civic group or other membership-based organization, a well-designed Membership or VIP card improves security and provides a sense of prestige.  Our long-lasting, durable plastic cards are made with the highest quality materials and retain vibrant colors and designs.  You can use the services of our professional graphic designers or provide Blazing Visuals with a design of your own.  It’s up to you.  

    Want to find out more about Custom Printed Plastic Gift Cards, Fundraising Cards and Membership Cards?  Come see us at Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant, New Jersey!