Vehicle Lettering

Lettering for Cars, Trucks, Vans, Box Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers and Boats

You can put your vehicle or company vehicles to work for you while they’re out on the road with custom Vehicle Lettering from blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant  NJ.   Vehicle letters and graphics are a great advertising strategy, and very affordable.  You can get your brand awareness moving with a wide variety of Vehicle Lettering options. Think of it as a business card on wheels!

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  • Blazing Visuals in New Jersey Offers Expert Vehicle Lettering and Graphics

    Car and SUV Lettering

     Whether you drive your personal vehicle for work or it’s a company car, it makes sense to use Vehicle Lettering on it to promote your business and your livelihood.  Whether it’s during the business day or after hours, having Vehicle Lettering and graphics can increase your company’s exposure.  Vehicle Lettering is great for all kinds of cars, sports cars, hybrids, SUVs and crossovers. Our team of graphic experts will listen to your ideas and wishes, and provide you with the perfect design using your branding, or we can help create branding for you!

     Truck Lettering

    Trucks have a lot of surface area that’s perfect for lettering and graphics.  If you don’t want to do a complete Vehicle Wrap, Vehicle Lettering and graphics can be ideal, whether you just want branding on the front doors, tailgate or even the beds.  You can create a customer design for your truck, or one of our graphic designers can create one for you.  It’s up to you.

    Van Lettering

    Van Lettering can do so much for you and your business.  It allows you to make a great first impression, from the time your van leaves the parking lot until it arrives at its destination.  You can brand your van with your logo, company name, services and contact information—and other business messages as well.

    Box Truck Lettering

    Box Truck Lettering helps your vehicle look more professional than a simple delivery truck.  It shows you take pride in your businesses.  When you brand your box truck with your company name, services, logo and contact information, it can help clients and even potential customers know that you are a true professional and have high quality standards.

     Boat Lettering

     You can even put lettering on your boat or fleet of boats!  Whether you own a company that provides marina, charter or boating services or are in some other industry, you can promote your business on your boat.  You can feature your logo, business name, contact information and services. It’s also great just for personalizing your boat with “her” name and your favorite saying, plus your boat registration numbers.

     The Benefits of Vehicle Advertising

     As a business owner, there are lots of advertising and marketing options out there.  One of the most affordable and effective means of “getting the word out there” about your company, product or service is by using your vehicle as a “canvas!”  After all, we live in a mobile world, so why not use your vehicle as a traveling billboard?  While you may not want to do an entire Vehicle Wrap, Vehicle Lettering is a terrific way to communicate information about your company, your brand and your professionalism to current and potential customers.  

    • On-vehicle advertising can reach 30,000-70,000 every day
    • Vehicle graphics last for years, so it’s very cost effective
    • 75% of people say they have a favorable opinion of companies they see through vehicle advertising
    • Most people think a company is more established and more successful when on-vehicle marketing is used
    • 98% of Americans have been in a vehicle in the past week, and 91% report noticing advertising on vehicles
    • Vehicle advertising allows you to bypass restrictions for billboard placement, rates and timing

    Perfect for Small, Local and Large Companies

     The great thing about vehicle advertising is how affordable it is.  Even very small companies and start-ups can afford this type of marketing.  For just a little investment, you can turn your car, truck, van, SUV, crossover, boat or even motorcycle into a mobile billboard.  And remember, if you’re stuck in heavy traffic, that means even more people are getting exposed to your marketing message!