Affordable Custom Printed Envelopes From Blazing Visuals


Want to make a big impression on your clients, potential customers, employees, donors or special event attendees?  Your first impression isn’t a brochure, letter or invitation—it’s the envelope it’s mailed or distributed in!  When you send your information in a custom printed envelope, you’re really putting your best foot forward.  Your custom envelope sets the tone for your message.  


Custom printed envelopes are available in any size, and in a variety of colors and finishes.  Your custom design can make cards and announcements feel warmer with a personalized touch.  You can coordinate your business stationery for a uniform and more professional look.  The choice is yours!

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  • Blazing Visuals in Point Pleasant Can Create Custom Printed Envelopes For You

    If you really want to make a great first impression, custom envelopes are ideal.  They are an effective way to make your mailings stand out in the mailbox. When you create custom printed envelopes, you are only limited by your imagination.  You can choose envelopes in any color, literally!  Even if you choose an elegant black envelope, we have high-quality white inks that can create a sophisticated, impactful look.  

    You can also choose to print your envelopes in an endless array of colors.  Choose one, or as many as you want!  We can match the exact colors of your company logo and branding or even your bridesmaid dresses. You can be as creative as you want to be.

    Every Size Envelope Imaginable

    When you choose to make an impact with custom printed envelopes, your first decision will be what size the envelope needs to be.  You can choose envelopes in standard sizes, or even create a custom size.  These are just a few of the envelope sizes from which you can choose:

    • #10 envelopes
    • A6 envelopes fit 4.5” X 6.25” note cards and thank you cards
    • 9” X 12” envelopes fit 8.5” X 11” documents or multiple insert sales kits
    • #9 envelopes fit inside #10 envelopes
    • A2 envelopes for RSVP cards and Save The Date
    • A7 envelopes fit 5” X 7” cards
    • A9 fit 5.5” X 8.5” invitations
    • 6” X 9” envelopes fit 5.75” X 9.75” booklets or jumbo cards

    Printed Envelopes Stand Out in the Mailbox

    There’s nothing quite like an envelope in the mail that is different from the rest.  One that stands out and makes the receiver want to open it.  That’s what custom printed envelopes can do for you.  They create excitement, inspire curiosity and are usually the first piece of mail that’s opened.  When you combine custom sizes, custom colors and custom inks, the possibilities are endless.

    Take Direct Mail Marketing to a New Level

    When you use custom printed envelopes for your direct mail marketing, you will capture more attention than if you use a plain envelope.  You can match the branding used in the brochure, letter or flyer you are mailing.  You can include a creative and compelling message on the envelope, to increase the chances that your target audience will open and read the content.  Whether you’re mailing to existing customer, potential clients, new area residents or potential donors, a custom printed envelope makes a great first—and lasting—impression.