Half Moon Point

Objective: Design, Fabricate and install high quality large pylon sign for new restaurant and bar set to open in Point Pleasant, NJ.

Half Moon Point came to us requesting we design and build a highly visible sign that will look amazing and stand out amongst the other mediocre signs on Bridge Avenue. Our design team went to work and came up with a 10 ft. wide by 6 ft. high by 18 inch deep sign that has a 17 ft. overall height which is the max allowable in the area. It is also as close to the property lines as possible. While fabricating the LED illuminated sign with solid faces and push through acrylic we began our site work. What seamed like a routine install, quickly turned on us. The main underground power to the building which goes through the parking lot on the site plan, actually went right through where our sign footing would go at only 40 inches deep. Our original footing was going to be 5 ft by 5 ft by 6 ft deep to handle hurricane wind speeds on this massive, heavy sign we are building. Not being able to go with the original plan, our engineer reconfigured the footing to still handle the wind, but keep us clear from the electric service. The new footing was 13 ft by 5 ft by 40 inches deep. We had to weld up a massive #5 rebar cage and pour 11 yards of concrete, but it saved us from having to go back to the client to say they needed a variance because we have to move the sign to a new location. The install day came and it went smooth as butter and the client why very pleased with their new sign.

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