St. Stephen Ukrainian Catholic Church – Toms River, NJ

Objective: Design, fabricate and install a highly visible changeable letter sign that is as large and as close to the road allowable in a rural residential area of Toms River.

This sign is a custom fabricated 4 ft. by 8 ft. changeable letter sign cabinet with vandal cover and 3 lines of 6 inch changeable text. This sign was a single post mount to meet township code, so extra design and engineering went into assuring that it will handle hurricane force winds. The footing was 2 ft. by 2 ft. by 5 ft. deep. It has a re-enforced #5 rebar cage with j-bolts. The sign is plate mounted with electric spanning 15 feet to the nearest light post which will allow the sign to be turned on with the same timer as the parking lot lights. The vandal cover insures no funny business with your sign letters and the internal illumination makes it look great at night.

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